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The entire product world in Italy,
for two days, together.

3rd-4th October 2024 | SuperstudioPiù, Milan

Sculpting the past, imagining the future

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We were more than 1.000, but it felt like home.

What the Product Heroes Conference is about

Much more than an international conference on Product Management. Product Heroes Conference is the event you can’t miss if you’re involved in product.


Be inspired by top Product Leaders from Silicon Valley and the best European tech hubs.


Build meaningful relationships with professionals and product enthusiasts from all over Italy.


Expand your vision through discussions, ideas, and experiences at various stages of a product's life.

"The Product Heroes Conference was the largest conference on the subject ever organized: a valuable moment for networking, engaging with specialists, hearing from speakers from Silicon Valley and the top European tech hubs on how to build a successful product, what the key is to growing the workforce, and what the secrets are to harnessing emerging technologies."

More than a place: SuperstudioPiù, Milan.

The event will take place in Milan, in an extraordinary location: StuperstudioPiù, located in the Tortona area.

20,000 square meters of event spaces, art galleries, garden, and rooftop with an essential style.

The heroes of the Conference

International experts managing the digital products we use every day analyze the present and project us into the future. They bring skills, method, and new perspectives to the stage.

Here are the first confirmed Speakers you’ll see on stage:

Chiara Cacciani

Product Lead

Chiara is currently product pillar lead for WhatsApp Business Discovery, she runs the organisation responsible for 80% of WhatsApp monetisation as well as product bets such as WhatsApp Business Search. She’s been at Meta for over 8 years, before WhatsApp she worked on Meta B2B2C product Workplace helping it scale from thousands to millions of users and Facebook Video when Facebook was still for cool kids. She’s originally a designer and worked in product marketing at Vodafone before stumbling in a product management career. She lives in London with her husband and almost 2 years old son.

Benjamin Retournè

VP of Product

Benjamin Retourné has been working at BlaBlaCar helping to build the go-to marketplace for shared travel since he joined more than 10 years ago. Over the years, he worked his way up within the company and is currently VP of Product & Design, leading a global team in product management, product design, and product marketing. Throughout his career there, he also helped bring the company to new markets (Turkey, Brazil, or Mexico), launched their new vertical product that works with buses.

Cindy Alvarez

Director of UX

Cindy Alvarez believes that design and development teams need to ask more questions, state more assumptions, and run more experiments.
In her current role as Director of UX for PowerPoint, she recently led the design efforts for PowerPoint’s newly announced AI-powered Copilot.  She is the author of Lean Customer Development: Build Products Your Customers Will Buy and has taught the lessons from that book to dozens of teams within Microsoft, innovation labs within large enterprise organizations worldwide, and startups at varying stages of maturity.  Once her laptop is closed, she enjoys distance running, cooking, and thinking about behavioral economics.

Enrico D'Angelo

VP of Product

Enrico D’Angelo is a digital leader and executive with over 20 years of experience in the Technology, Media, and Interactive Entertainment sectors. He currently serves as the VP of Product for Roblox’s Economy Platform, overseeing Advertising, Subscriptions, Payments, Marketplace, and Developer Payouts. Prior to Roblox, Enrico led free-to-play PC and Mobile activities at Activision Publishing. In this role, he spearheaded Activision’s efforts in China and was responsible for Call of Duty Mobile, one of Activision Blizzard’s most successful free-to-play games. Previously, Enrico was Chief Strategy Officer at Activision Blizzard, collaborating closely with division heads to drive engagement and monetization initiatives across Activision’s portfolio, including the launch of Call of Duty’s microtransaction business. Before joining Activision, Enrico spent 10 years at McKinsey & Co. as a strategic consultant, advising early and late-stage investors, as well as clients in the Media, Technology, and Interactive Entertainment sectors on growth strategies and operations. Enrico also serves on the advisory board of Bitkraft, one of the world’s leading Venture Capital funds focused on interactive entertainment. He graduated Magna cum Laude from LUISS University in Rome with a degree in Business Administration and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is an avid gamer and collector of retro video games.

Stephanie Leue

Chief Product Officer

Stephanie is a seasoned Chief Product Officer with a passion for tech, product vision, strategy, and leadership, bringing over 16 years of experience in building lovable products, with a focus on SaaS. She previously worked for companies such as PayPal and Contentful.

Marcello Majonchi

Chief Product Officer

Marcello Majonchi is Chief Product Officer at Arduino, the leading open source platforms for makers, educators and enterprises; he previously held executive and strategic leadership roles in product and engineering at DocuSign, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Marcello has been long active in the startup ecosystem: as Chief Product Officer for Solair, in 2016 he was the protagonist of the first and only acquisition ever made by Microsoft in Italy, and has since regularly invested in and advised for Italian startups.

In 2020, he co-founded 42N, an investment and advisory firm based in Boston, with the mission of helping Italian entrepreneurs grow their companies in the United States, and since 2023 has served as Executive in Residence for the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

Maria Arnaoutaki

Former Product Lead

Maria Arnaoutaki is a Product Lead with over 9 years of experience in launching successful products and building product teams for startups and large companies in Europe and the USA. Currently, she is a Group Product Manager at Spotify, where she leads product teams and the product strategy for products and services that enable content to reach listeners. Previously, she worked in the data platform team at TripAdvisor.

Michele Galli

Product Director Onboarding & Growth

“I have worked in the Product sector for the past decade, spanning various domains, from fintech to prop-tech and the Internet of Things. I have an entrepreneurial spirit that was nurtured during my time as the founder of an IoT startup, where I served as CEO for 5 years. Today, while remaining an entrepreneur at heart, I oversee the onboarding and growth function at Wise, a renowned global money platform. My role involves acquiring new customers, streamlining onboarding processes for both individual and business clients, and ensuring Wise grows in a healthy manner.”

Lorenza Pugliese

Director of Product Marketing

Lorenza è Director of Product Marketing in Aircall, scale-up parigina nel settore della telefonia aziendale, dove è tornata dopo aver creato la funzione Product Marketing in PlayPlay, una piccola start-up francese. Ha iniziato la sua carriera nella consulenza strategica in Bain & Company per poi dedicarsi al Strategic Project Management in Criteo prima di trovare la sua vocazione nel Product Marketing. 

Serge Lachapelle

Director - Product Management

Born in Canada but residing in Sweden since 1997, Serge is a Product Management Director at Google. More importantly he is the father to 3 wonderful (and crazy) kids. 

In 2007, he helped establish the Google Sweden Engineering office through the acquisition of video conferencing trailblazer Marratech AB, a company he co-founded in 1997.

For 14 years, Serge led Google’s communications efforts, including Gmail Voice and Video Chat, Video Hangouts, the WebRTC platform, Google Duo and Google Meet. He also led the acquisition of internet communication pioneers Global IP Solutions Inc and Audio software and hardware experts Limes Audio AB, both still thriving within Google today.

Today, Serge engages with key Google Workspace customers and partners to bring vital feedback into engineering and product teams as part of the Outbound Product Management (OPM) team.

Sara Gattoni

Senior Lead Growth Product Manager

I’m Sara, a mathematician by training who quickly embraced the role of Growth Product Manager and Data Witch. Currently, I lead the growth team at Lokalise, provide consulting to numerous companies in Europe and the United States, and coordinate the Master in Product Growth at Product Heroes. In my free time, I focus on personal growth, dedicating myself to helping people discover their ikigai – their reason for being – through a targeted and personalized journey. I love exploring new places and cultures through travels both to distant lands and into the depths of the sea.

We will unveil the other heroes in the coming days! #StayTuned

From Silicon Valley and the best European Tech Hubs.

Together with Italian Product Leaders, to convey vision, skills, and methodology.

The Dream Team

Some you will see on stage, others assist us behind the scenes in Content Selection or by bringing the best speakers of the galaxy.

Simply put, without them, the Product Heroes Conference would not be possible.

Antonella Testaguzza

Head of Product

Marco Paglia

Chief Product Officer

Giuseppe Madonna

Chief Product Officer

Stefano Cazzulani

Head of Core Product Management

Alessandro Bruzzi

Chief Product Officer

Fausto Dassenno

Chief Product Officer

Fausto Maglia

Chief Product Officer

Silvana De Santis

Chief Product Officer

Emanuela Premoli

Senior Product Manager

Over 50 companies brought their Product Teams to the Conference.

Networking and Relationships at the heart of everything.

Forget the usual conferences where you end up only talking to acquaintances, taking pictures of badges, or selfies with friends and colleagues.

Let yourself go and open the doors to new opportunities. Here is where you can meet your next co-founder, collaborator, partner, client, or your next company.

From the Product Heroes Conference, every participant returns home amazed at the number and quality of new people they have met.

One promise: this year, we’ll take networking to a whole new level.

Energy, passion, and fun.

A great final evening with a networking aperitif. Laughter, relaxation, good music.

All with a focus on a single objective: having fun and building new relationships.

Workshop with LEGO® Serious Play®

An innovative and exciting way to enhance networking and develop deep, lasting connections with the people you meet at the Conference.

LEGO® Serious Play® methodology workshops will allow you to overcome communication barriers and explore complex concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Keynote speeches, talks and workshops

International perspectives on major product themes influencing the industry. Plus, practical talks and workshops to generate impact on professionals and companies.

Do you want to bring your brand to the PH Conference?

Discover partnership opportunities and how to make your company a hero of the event.

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We start local to reach the world

Product Heroes is a brand of R5 Labs Europe, created by R5 Labs US, an operational Joint Venture in Silicon Valley, to enter the European Union market in a solid and structured way, with a strong focus on Italy.

The Group’s objective for the next 3 years is to employ over 1000 tech professionals in Italy, to create one of the largest international technological hub, where talents and professionals can work for the most prestigious companies in the tech world, contributing to building and perfecting products used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

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