Product Marketing Analysis & Positioning

Lingua: Inglese
Data di partenza: 12/10/2024
Data di fine: 19/10/2024

Cosa imparerai:

Designed for discerning marketers seeking to refine their skills, our curriculum offers a blend of strategic insights and practical techniques. Delve into the nuances of sales enablement, onboarding strategies, and retention methodologies, all while honing your ability to understand and connect with your audience through meticulously crafted user and buyer personas. Explore the intricacies of market and user research to inform thoughtful positioning strategies that resonate authentically. Join us and cultivate the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of modern product marketing with confidence and proficiency.

Lorenza Pugliese

Director of Product Marketing @Aircall



Lorenza Pugliese

Director of Product Marketing @Aircall

Le slide sono disponibili per studenti ed ex studenti del Master in Product Management

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